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DSC_0090As those that haven’t already, prepare to set the sun on this last day of 2015, let’s reflect but not hold on to the past. Using that reflection to grow and move forward.

Here’s to moving forward and making 2016 the best year that it can be. Let’s do this.   May you all find what you seek and the happiness you deserve.

Wishing you all a safe and Happy New Year (Even if you’ve already celebrated the new year).

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

~Montana Rose Photography~


DSC_0799Walls, speed bumps, dead ends, or whatever…they all seem to create obstacles.  Obstacles that make us slow down, turn around, go a different direction.  My life would be nothing if there wasn’t one obstacle after another.  I think we all feel that way at some point, though.

The major change that I had hoped for in the new year, apparently is not going to happen.  I will stay off that soapbox, because one it is a soapbox and two…as of right now it is a little bitter filled.  Still, I am trying really hard to realize that this is just merely a fence in my way.

I could climb over it, but would probably rip my  jeans.  So, I will just follow it until I find a way around it or over it.  It is what I do best, even when I do not want to.

The fence in the picture, obviously not that difficult to get over.   I’m not really sure that I understand the purpose of it more than decoration.  The horses can walk over.   People can walk over it.  There is no “Don’t enter” signs.  This fence…it isn’t stopping anything.

When I shot this picture, I had no expectations.  I was just sitting on the beach with the zone, playing around with my camera.   This was one of the pictures and I kind of like this shot.   I hope you do too.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

The King


More pictures of the King. He apparently makes everything his throne.  I respect that.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.


Montana Rose Photography


SONY DSCNot something that I have had a lot of the last few days, but I’m taking a step back to fix that.

Patience is definitely a virtue…depending on the situation.  I kid. It is easier said than done, but I know that all we do requires patience of some level.  I’m usually pretty good about maintaining it for the most part, but we all have our days.

I think this fella is epitome of what I was thinking when I thought of patience today.  Standing there in all of his glory. Waiting for whatever.  Or just soaking in the early morning sun.

Whatever it is…he definitely had patience with  me.  Like most the wildlife that weekend, he let me get fairly close to him.  I am not sure how close he would have let me get. I didn’t test the boundaries, didn’t need to.  Still,   he didn’t really seem to care that I was there.  That is something you can usually tell.   At least I can.  The way that they start inching away and getting their feathers ready for take off.  This guy, though, he was content.

I was proud of these shots.  Most likely, because I had the patience to do it right.  It helped that he didn’t care that I was there.  Still, both of us had some patience and it paid off.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

King on His Throne

Brewer’s blackbird or a Grackle….it is debatable as the pictures I found online, when trying to figure it out, were pretty similar.

Grackle…I keep wanting to say gracken.  I guess that is because grackle also sounds like it should be some mythical creature.  Either way, it is a beautiful bird.  The colors. Blueness of his back and the blue-green of his underbelly. In the right light, his head looks purple.

Yeah, he’s pretty, colorful…pretty colorful.

The way he perches where he sits just kind of has this essence of confidence.  Like he is saying, “I’m king and you are in my kingdom.”  So, here he is just sitting high upon his throne.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Look the Other Way

DSC_0218 (2)Not the greatest title, but I could not think of another one.  I don’t have a lot to say today.  So, many things to do on the list of things to do, but next week is another long week so maybe I’ll get everything done this weekend and play next weekend.

Whatever you do today, I hope it is an amazing one.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

Partridge in a Pear Tree

SONY DSCOkay, so this picture contains neither a partridge nor a pear tree, but I couldn’t resist.

Whatever today is for you, I hope that it was a wonderful one.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography