The Invasion

IMG_20151128_154452I don’t remember what she was pouting about in this picture. Probably the fact that I was taking her picture.

Anyway, another spontaneous decision led me to Assateague. More on that when I can use my actual laptop and not my phone.

I know. I should be enjoying my vacation, but it is now dark and quite cold. Guess that happens when you camp in November.  Anyway, the zone and I are hunkered down in the tent listening to the waves crash against the shore. Okay…. I am, she’s curled up at the end of the sleeping bag snoring.

More crowed on the ocean side of the island,but I actually like being close enough to clearly hear the waves. Plus, it was cheaper and quite entertaining.

Yesterday, Sham and two of his girls raided campsites. Literally. Never witnessed it up close, but clear indication as to why you are supposed to put your stuff away when not around.

The zone’s water dish became their target in our site. Only because I managed to get zone and my food in the car when I realized that they were heading straight for us and were not going to just pass by. The zone was not happy. Apparently, she thought she should mingle, or defend…not sure which and was not in the mood to find out. Hefty fine and all.

After they realized that there was no food to be had at our site, they went and stole a bag of chips from a neighbor. Funniest thing ever.

This morning they came back to steal the grass behind my tent. I welcomed the wake up. Provided I was already awake, but it gave me a reason to stay up.

More adventures to come, but for now I leave with that. Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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