Take Me Back

DSC_0795 (2)
So, nothing like logging on to WordPress and finding that they changed the format once again.  I am undecided as to how I feel about this. We shall see.

The change has thrown me and I forgot where I was originally going to go with this post.  I have a very short attention span here of late.  Maybe it is age or maybe it is too many horses in the pasture.  Who knows?

Obviously, this is from the Wyoming trip.  Been pondering heading back that way.  Financially, it probably will not happen this year.  Eventually, though. Maybe a different part. Maybe I’ll just bypass it and head straight for Montana this time.  Actually, that is probably not true.  Badlands in South Dakota, is my next venture destination.  Maybe that will be my birthday present to myself.  Probably not, though. Too far of a drive and a job scheduled for that weekend.  Eventually, though.  Eventually.

Still not entirely sure what the zone thinks about traveling.  She was at peace in this picture.  It was nice for her to just stand still for a bit and not wonder all over the place.  Me just kicked back in my chair.  Yeah, take me back.

Or in the words of John Denver,  “Country roads, take me home to the place I belong.”  You should have expected that I would toss a song into the mix.  Might as well as thick with the theme.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

5 thoughts on “Take Me Back

  1. I’d like this post, but with the new changes, the “like” button doesn’t load. That said, I’ve already complained to WordPress. It has always been more of a writer’s blog, but now it’s photographer-unfriendly. Good luck. 🙂

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