Crowny Rock

DSC_0131 (3)I feel like I should post something about France, but the truth is…I wouldn’t know what to say. At least nothing that would do this situation justice.  I’ve never been to France. I have none of my own pictures of France.  All I know is what I learned during French 101, which I honestly probably should not have passed.  With that said, my words would be nothing more than that of empty words from someone who doesn’t truly know the devastation.

My heart aches for them. My heart aches for the world that we are becoming.  A rapid decline into the fiery depths of somewhere we may never be able to return.  Families and innocent people, lost and broken, because of self-righteous cowards that somewhere felt they had earned this right to take away lives.  Of course my heart aches for them, but I only know the empathy of it.  My feelings and words can come nowhere close to what they are going through.

Senseless acts of violence make no sense to me.  They make me angry. They make me scared, but none of this is about me and if I continue to ramble (much like already)…that’s all it would be…about me, because I’m not there and outside of my long-standing dream to visit there…I have no ties to France that would give me the justification to act as if I know what they are feeling.  I can only display my empathy and my heart does truly ache for them.

With that said, I’ve chosen this picture.  It clearly is not from France, but it seemed like the best choice for today other than not posting at all.  This mountain kind of looked like a crown to me, but it also make me think of another version of the mountain people think of when they think of the “other side”.  Of course, that is dependent on your religious affiliation.

As I was typing out that last paragraph, the song that I only known sang Vince Gill, “Go Rest High on that Mountain,” began running through my head.  There will be no immediate peace. There will be no immediate healing.  This is not a situation that allowed for either of those.  It will never make sense and it never be something that is forgotten.  It is senseless and heartless, but my heart does go out to France and all those affected. May your loved ones go rest high on that mountain and may you find the strength that you need to try and continue on.  I can only send my heart and prayers/positive thoughts, but I am doing exactly that.

Montana Rose Photography

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