Brick House

DSC_0187 (6)She’s a brick house.  Mighty-mighty…..and I’ll stop there.  Come on, now.  I can’t be the only one who started singing that song in their head.  Am I right?  No. Okay, so it is just me then.  It happens and I’ll take that.

This is the Stone House out in Manassas National Battlefield. I love me some Manassas, but what I do not love is driving through and to Manassas.  No offense to the Virginians, but seriously….courteous driving, folks. That is all I’m saying.  It made rush hour traffic in Columbus look like a hey day.  I’m sure if I had to frequent rush hour, I may feel differently, but so far it has never taken me two hours to make a thirty minute trip.  That is so not an exaggeration either, but I digress.
DSC_0175 (6)Now, the Stone House…well, it’s a house.  Clearly made out of a type of stone (brick or whatever).  I know…I know… “Hello, Captain Obvious.”

Now, yes,  I could give you the gist of its history, but if we wanted a history lesson…we’d probably still be sitting in school taking a history class.  I will say this, it’s a house and it was a pretty key feature in the war that took place on that battlefield.

Outside of the headaches of getting there, it is a pretty neat house.  I was losing daylight and really-really-really needed to go the restroom.  I know too much information, but I’m trying to paint a picture. Not sure what kind of picture, but  just the same.  In short, the house is so worth seeing.

By the way, let me offer this piece of advise.  If you are going to Manassas and it is after five, you should probably make sure you stop at a restroom first.  The only nearby one is at the visitor center and it is closes at five.  Lesson learned.

DSC_0172 (6)I could go on about how beautiful the land is and blah, blah, blah…but, I mean, really?  I’m in Virginia…so, that kind of goes without saying.   Still, it was quite beautiful….if you were facing away from the house. You know in the direction that was not towards the road and the miles and miles of cars.   Sorry…soapbox.

I’m also guessing that ghost hunters and mediums would have a field day on this property. Probably the whole battlefield.  The soldiers and civilians that grace that land. I’m just saying.  I mean, if I believed in that kind of thing.  By no means am I saying that I do, but people see things.
DSC_0169 (6)I could ramble on and on and on, but it would end up just being that at this point…rambling.  I can ramble with the best of them, but I’ll save it for another.  Until then, have a beautiful day and tomorrow.
DSC_0181 (6)
Montana Rose Photography

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