So Late

DSC_0953 (2)It is so late.  Probably way too late to post a blog.  I actually hadn’t planned on posting anything, but I keep thinking about consistency and successful blogs.

My blog has probably lost its original purpose.  Actually, that probably isn’t the right word.  Its intent was my photography, but also my writing and I know the tone of my blog has been off lately.  It has probably been off for a while.  I’m working on that.

I need some fresh material. Newer material.  I’m going to be working on that over the next few weeks.  I will still be posting pictures from my trips in May and July, but I want to throw in some new material.  This particular picture is from Wyoming.  I’m not sure what it is exactly.  It was just sitting at one of the “scenic” stops and I thought it looked neat.

I’m also starting yet another new adventure on Sunday. I’m excited about it.  Thankfully, though, it will come at a price…it is not as costly as some of my other habits.  I’ll share more about it upon my actual experience to see how I like it.

I’m also going to get back into writing.  I constantly have stories a brewing in my head and never do anything about that.  It’s time that changed, but for now…it is late and I have a busy weekend ahead.  It is the first weekend in quite a while I have had things to do Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Oh my…let’s do this.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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