It’s a Horse

DSC_0281 (4)That is about as witty as I could come up with today.  It’s a horse. Just standing in the middle of a parking lot.  Yes, that means I finally went back to my Assateague folder.

I have actually been feeling guilty about Assateague.  I’ve been pondering next year’s trip and though I do not know where I will be, I know that I’m ready for my next adventure.  Unfortunately, that next adventure…won’t include Assateague. Most likely.  There is a park in South Dakota that has a campsite where you can wake up to bison (yes, I called them bison instead of buffalo…it was weird, but I’m trying).  I really want to wake up to bison.

I guess I feel guilty, because my horse pictures seem to do better and I do love horses. They also seem to come out better, but I wasn’t as rushed for time there.   Plus, I really do love the island, but I also love mountains and bison, bears, elk, and all that in which is wild.  I know silly.   That’s just kind of what I was thinking and feeling today, but I digress.  It’s all about change, I think.  Things are changing.  I’m changing…always changing.

With that said, I’m also pondering another adventure, which is quite different from just camping out due to the call of the wild.  That one I’m not ready to share yet…mainly, because I haven’t decided yet.  If I do it, it will take up time that has been devoted to other things.  We’ll see where it leads.  I’m excited to see where it all leads.  I’m embracing the change.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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