Busy Day

Today has been busy already and it is not over.  Two Halloween parties yet and laundry before hand.  Gracious. Tomorrow will be a day of rest….well, probably not, but it feels good to say that.

With that said, I’ve decide to pull some from the archives again.   These are from a couple of years ago.  Back before I was doing my own settings and manual focusing it up.  I sometime wonder if I hurt myself more by not allowing my camera to just do it all for me.  I would like to think that I’ve improved, but lately I’ve been feeling a little stale and conscientious about my pictures.  I’m sure it will pass.

I don’t really have access to this beauty  anymore.  I sometimes miss and regret that, but things change.  We just have to accept that and sometimes more often than not a picture can just be about the memory.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.  920285_507159839349691_1354907195_o Montana Rose Photography

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