Lazy Day

I’m not going to lie, I’m posting this picture because I’m being lazy.  I am temporarily tired of Wyoming pictures and my Assateague National Seashore pictures are not as neatly sorted.  With that said, I’m being lazy and this one was a quick to do grab.

I often feel a little…blah about posting so many pictures of the zone. Even just having so many.  I just often feel the need to keep my skills up,  and as there are just no bears wondering around…and I don’t have a cat, she is usually the nearest living thing to practice on.  That shall change, though.  Hopefully…maybe.  We shall see.  For now, I give you the zone.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

2 thoughts on “Lazy Day

    • I think I caught her at a moment of defeat actually. I told her she could run if she wanted to, but I was just going to follow her.

      A cat, in my case, would probably be in motion…of running. The zone isn’t really about being friends with cats. She tried to attack one in a picture one time…Good things she cute.


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