In Living Color

DSC_0032 (2)-2-1
Not really.  I mean it was…when I took it, but now is really in living.  I’m not even sure if I know what that means, right now.  I constantly have that song in my head.  From that old TV show. It’s not that I watch it. Couldn’t stand it back then and that hasn’t changed much, but it does come on a station that I have on a lot of time.  It is also usually ending when I flip the station over to watch it and that is the song they play at the end.  So annoying and now it is in my head again.  I’m rambling…apologies.

As for this picture, it is a color version of the one yesterday.  One that actually turned out better than what I thought it would.  I say this, because I had to play around with it more than I normally do in the editing stage.  It was dark and blah and colorless.  I guess that is what happens when you forget the ND filter is on your lens.  I’m getting better about that.  Of course it also helps when you don’t use it to begin with.  Anyway, I hope you like the finished product.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

4 thoughts on “In Living Color

  1. I was scrolling up and down between the two, and today’s outhouse photograph had more jump! (Probably not something you’d want from an outhouse…) The line or colour shift from grasses, to mountains and then sky is appealing.

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