Rest High

DSC_0169 (3)I am not even sure that this picture is the right one to post.  I want a perfect picture, but I realize that none may do the moment justice.

I woke up this morning to bad news. Someone I knew long ago passed away this week.  An old co-worker.  One of the few that I would consider a friend, but I probably do not have the right to call her that. Those times I was a different person. Hateful and bitter.  She was always kind and generous, I did not always return that. We lost touch when I left that job.  I had her email, but it got lost and never used.  We can’t go back and I will not make excuses.

I do not know where my afterlife belief rest. I do know where hers did. Go rest high on that mountain, my friend. May your true friends and loved ones find peace.

Please have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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