Creative Flowering

412746_367127400019603_1977659976_oOkay, so it is not creative flowering. It is a creative collaboration.  One that I am posting so much later than I intended. For that I apologize; especially, to Mr. Kevin who asked me to do this collaboration with him.

There are so many reasons as to why it is late. Work, personal stuff, and really just not knowing exactly what I wanted to say.  I’ve not at all been good with the words lately.  A growing epidemic in my life.  This shouldn’t be an excuse, but I wanted to do right by Kevin and his pictures.

I didn’t want to get all philosophical and I didn’t want to write something just be writing something.  I wanted it to be thought out and blah, blah, blah.  Well, it is me and when I try to pre-plan something it…well, it doesn’t always work out the way I want. So, hopefully, this post will do Mr. Kevin and his blog justice while I do what I do best…wing it.

DSC_0087When Kevin, from The Screenplay of Life Chronicles @, asked me to do this collaboration, I was so excited.  Someone actually thought that my work was good enough to want to do a collaboration.  Then I started worrying about whether or not my work would compare or if I could even do justice for the point of this collaboration.

I’m an over-thinker, remember.  So, it is only natural that I would do this, but still I did.  Mr. Kevin’s work always seem so lively to me.  It is colorful and it is personable.  His blog always seems to tell a story and provides details. Mine…well, mine always seems to end up like a rambling lunatic.  Rambling…another thing that I do best.

Then there was the task of picking the perfect pictures to go with the post.  I wanted them to be some of my best and I wanted them to also to stand on the same level as Mr. Kevin’s.  During this decision period, I realized how OCD that I am about my pictures(probably a lot of things actually, but I digress).  I like themes and similarities.  Kevin and I had already discussed a “theme”, but I wanted my pictures to particularly blend well with each other.  I didn’t want to post a wild rose picture and then two pictures later have a field of dandy lions (yes, I know those are weeds and not flowers, but my point stands).  How did I resolve this?  I chose all purple flowers.
479104_355975807801429_504978753_oOr purplish anyway.  One of them isn’t really so much purple as it is more of a purplish.  I like the way that they worked out, though.

That is just how I roll, because I also didn’t want to post all of the same type of flowers.  For example, my blog from a while back with all the roses.  I didn’t want to have the same flowers. I wanted to change it up.

Hopefully, I succeeded and that y’all like the ones that I chose.  This one to the left here. It is one of my favorites.  It is an older one that I took some time ago.  It was just sitting alone.  There beside some old fence separating a back road from a hay field.   A purple, fuzzy flower along and old fence amongst the dying grass.  Country life.  That kind of thing makes my heart happy.

SONY DSCMr. Kevin took a different approach with his choosing of the flowers.  He chose a variety of flowers like I did, but his theme is color on black and white.  I love it.  I don’t remember if I’ve posted similar picks before, but every now and then I will dabble with that and have a few color on black and whites.  It is a nice way to change it up.  It’s also always been a popular type of picture. I’ve been asked many of times to do that for clients.
image5Now, I don’t feel like I’ve even began to do Kevin’s blog justice, but he truly does have some amazing post.  He’s also a father, husband, and comedian.  Like, I said above. His pictures are so vibrant with color and feeling.  He posted once that he doesn’t like to just get wrapped up on the picture-taking and that he sometimes just likes to enjoy the moment.  I’m not as good about that as what I should be, but I think it shows in his pictures.  It shows in a lot of the blogs that I follow.

I like reading Kevin’s blog, because I do enjoy his photography but I also like reading what he has to say.  I’m not sure that I could find the words to make you want to check out his blog, but I strongly suggest you do so.

It is such a thrill to see the difference between everyone’s blogs.  Between Kevin’s and mine.  The different perspectives and the different stories we find.  This should not be surprising, but sometimes in this world…well, I’m sure you know where I’m going with that.

We all might post a similar picture, but we all took something else away from it.  We might have snapped a completely different photo of the exact same flower.  I love that, because it is all about perception. Sometimes perception is dangerous, but in art…it’s an amazing tool.
image2Thank you, Kevin from The Screenplay of Life Chronicles  I hope that I did this collaboration justice and I truly appreciate being asked to join you on such a venture.   I hope everyone else enjoyed my consistent rambling and that you found a new blog to check out.  Naturally, I also hope that you enjoyed the pictures.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.
image1Montana Rose Photography
(in collaboration of this post with

4 thoughts on “Creative Flowering

  1. Thank you, Shawn, for the extremely kind words about my work. You have been great to collaborate with. I appreciate your enthusiasm, talent and professionalism. I look forward to our next project. 🙂 Be on the lookout for my end of the collaboration…it is coming soon!!

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