Krav Maga-ing

DSC_0295 (3)Clearly, this picture had nothing to do with Krav Maga, but since that is what I did today…well, it works.

I took a self-defense course in Krav Maga.  It was a good class and I had fun.  What I learned was that I have a mean punch.  I owe that to strength training and Title Boxing.  I also learned that trying to do a self-defense stance takes determination when your automatic reaction is to do a boxing stance.  Don’t know the difference?  I didn’t either.

Boxing is more of an up, protect, and ready stance where as the self-defense stance is an out and back off stance.  I also learned that being the receiver is a little harder than I thought it would be.  You had to hold the pads and allow the “Defender” to do the punching, but you also had to give them a little resistance without actually fully engaging.  Coordination is key.  Yea….just when I think I’m coordinated, it turns out that I’m not.  Still, it was a good class and I enjoyed it. I will feel it in the morning, but it will be happening again.

As far this picture goes, it was sunset.  My last one in Wyoming actually.  I really kind of love how in the picture the only hint of sunset is the fact that the mountain peaks are a shade of pink as the sun rays sink down. Shining their last bit of light on the peaks of Mount Moran.  Get lost in the simpleness of it all.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

2 thoughts on “Krav Maga-ing

  1. Cool sunset!
    Yup, those aching muscles the next day (always get them, after the first time out snowboarding, or snowshoeing, or, in my youth, after the first game of the soccer season – I suspect basic lack of fitness and preparedness even way back then…)

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    • Thank you!

      And yes, the lack of fitness and preparedness can do that to you. I actually work out quite regularly, but using different muscles and movements as well as the throwing and receiving of punches and kicks. That first session will get you every time regardless of the level of fitness, I think. That is what I’m going to blame it on anyway. 🙂


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