Purple Mountain Majesty

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From sea to shining sea.  I haven’t thought of that song in a while,  “America the Beautiful”.  Things aren’t what they use to be and sometimes that is hard to see.  Still, I refuse to focus on the negative and to allow myself to be overwhelmed by the sadness.  This land is still beautiful and there are still a lot of beautiful people in it.

I could jump on my soapbox. Get all deep and philosophical, but the truth is…it doesn’t matter.  I’m not turning a blind eye and I’m not denying what is going on in this world.  I just can’t let it weigh me down.  This heart is heavy enough the way it is.

This picture makes me happy.  It is the epitome of beautiful…at least to me, but I could be biased as well.  As do most of my pictures, it reminds me that there is still beauty left out there.  That there are places of peace. Places to escape to. Places to reminds of spacious skies and purple mountains.  We can’t rely on the news to do that. We cannot rely on most people to do that.  We have to do that.  We have to remember.

I could go on, but only you can decide what you hold on to. I will leave it at that.  For now, I have other things for this heart.  Tomorrow I’m taking a free Krav Maga self-defense class for women.  I’m pretty sure that I could hold my own, but it never hurts to have a few extra skills.  It might make my daddy a little bit more comfortable about me and my constant travels alone.   If I like it, I might take some more Krav Maga classes.  I need an outlet and sometimes it feels good to hit things.  Please don’t judge me.  I’m not a violent person, but I do love boxing and kickboxing.  So, why not try Krav Maga. It’s also kind of fun to say….Krav Maga.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.
DSC_0529 (2)Montana Rose Photography

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