Throwback Fall

621311_411691052229904_1460535201_oAnother throwback Thursday.  From 2012 as you can see by the lovely stamp in the middle of my picture.  I always feel weird leaving those on there.  I almost feel like I’m staking claim to a picture that is not mine, which is not at all the case.  This picture is very much mine, but unfortunately the original is on a CD and the new laptop does not have a CD port.  Apparently, those are going null and void.  Yay for technology.  Not.

I’m in a very fall mood and this picture best represents that.  Unfortunately, this tree hasn’t been that pretty the last two years.  This year the leaves didn’t even turn red nor are they even still on the tree.  What is on the tree is browner than my weathered and worn Justin’s sitting by the door. I know without a picture that visual falls short, but trust me it is not a pretty brown at all anymore.  That tree itself….it is so bare now.  It happened relatively early this year.  I don’t think that they are being taken care of like they once were, the grounds and trees, but I digress.

I’m hoping to go camping one last time this year.  Maybe I will catch some more fall colors before they are not so fallish and long gone, but for now…enjoy this one.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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