DSC_0045I’ve used that title before, but I’m using again because today I’m kind of missing it.  There were college boys that lived downstairs from me.  I thought that they would be noisy. Partying and what not, but they really weren’t.  Today, one of them is finally moving out.  The other must have moved out a while ago, but anyway.  The one moving out today is a lot noisier than he probably needs to be.  He and his buddies are throwing things over the balcony instead of carrying them down the stairs.  They’re allowing their door to just slam shut, which of course shakes the whole building.  Then they are loud with laughter and chit-chattiness.  Now, I sound like a bitter old woman with her 30 cats.

I get noise. I get laughing, I do.  I myself have indulged in noise and laughter many of times and moving is not easy.  There is a fair amount of noise involved.  What there is not is the need to let the entire apartment unit know that you are moving and that you are less than thrilled with the one you once shared an apartment with.  I learned that lesson, which is why you choose your roomie carefully.  We all have to live and learn, though.  Like me being reminded, that though I don’t hate the noise…I love the quiet when it is needed most.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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