Lazy Day

DSC_0015So much to do today and I’m being a little lazy. The zone and I should have been on our way back from camping, but the plans were halted.  I’ll stay off that soapbox.  There were many of reasons as to why it was better this way, but the initial cause is still a teeth grinding irritation.  I digress.  No point in being angry about it.  Just means the next time will be even better.

Fall weather is settling in.  I’m hoping it stays.  I also cannot wait for the colors to completely turn.  Here they’ve already started.  The zone and I went outside and sat the other day.  It wasn’t as cool as it was today. but it was still beautiful.  The ears were not impressed, but of course it also could have been that I was once again taking pictures of her.  She’ll deal.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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