413890_313341485398195_2103327520_oI dove deep into the depths of some old work.  Well, I do not know how deep I went, but I took these photos back in 2012.

I was traveling through Pennsylvania and saw this house from the highway.  I had time to spare so naturally I had to pull off and take some photos.  Of course, pulling off meant finding an  off ramp and finding the right road.  Thankfully, it wasn’t too difficult.

I think that I needed to delve into the depths of some old photos to remember why I like photography in the first place.  I mean, that is something that I often struggle to remember here of late.  Just last week, I was asked why I like it.  I was at a loss for an answer.  I’m still at a loss for an answer, but that may be frustration and discouragement.
Still, as I was looking through a lot of my old photos, they just seemed so effortless.  So….well, just effortless. I don’t know how else to explain it.  Truth be told, they probably were.  I was auto everything back then. Let the camera do the work, I just pushed the button.  Did little on the editing side.  Effortless.

Looking at the photos, I started to feel like I was just better at it back then. That my work was better.  More pure.  I know that is not necessarily true.  I’ve taken some amazing photos; especially, this last year.  I also have skills that I didn’t have back then. Knowledge and what not.  Still, sometimes I find myself feeling like have to put a lot of effort into a shot.

This isn’t even necessarily because the shot is wrong.  Just everything that sometimes goes into making the shot…focusing, aperture, shutter speed, zooming in, zooming out.  Now, I know there is room to argue about the reasons that is, but my point is the same.  I know the shot is right, but the effort that goes into ensuring it stays that way…that is what I mean by effort.  That’s probably just me, but I’m just saying.

Maybe a lot of us have those moments.  Maybe not.  Either way, I’m good with it.  I’m learning that when I start feeling like this…it is time to step back and remember days like this one back in 2012.  When I was doing it just because I wanted to, without thinking about it, and without putting any effort into it. Effortless
Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.  460269_313341625398181_631538905_o

Montana Rose Photography

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