Point and Shoot

Strange how that is used to describe the “non-DSLR” cameras.  The simple, little, point and shoot cameras without all the fancy options. I get why they are called that, I do.  I just find it funny, because the younger and more smart arsey part me was like, “they’re all point and shoot. That’s kind of how it works. You have to point and shoot.”  I mean, obviously I know that it is more detailed than that depending on your level of expertise or ambition, which ever the case may be.  Still, it is just as easy for me to turn my Sony or Nikon into a regular old point and shoot as it was my actual little point and shoot.  That is why God invented the man that invented automatic focus and the auto option.  Still a bit more to it, I know can be argued, but I stand by my point 🙂  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

60827_422618020997_124910_n 62257_422611550997_3466990_nMontana Rose Photography

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