DSC_0038 (3)Lincoln.  I probably shouldn’t call President Lincoln creepy. I know he’s been called worse, but I mean him no disrespect. I just found as I was looking at these pictures….this monument is a little creepy.

It could be that it is technically just his head.  Most monuments I’ve seen try to incorporate the entire body, but not this one.  No, this was just a giant head.  Floating against the clouds with those seemingly hollow and blank eyes and that discontented scowl.  That judging scowl. Disapproval just pouring out the pores of his rocky composure.  Just staring aimlessly at those procrastinating.  Procrastinating against getting back on the road.  Just Lincoln’s giant floating head.

Yes, that was a little dramatic, but you must admit….for a moment, you got chills thinking about it with that dramatic undertone playing in your head.  No?  So, just me then.

President Lincoln’s floating head was at the first rest stop within the Wyoming border that I stopped at.  It was afternoon-ish, I think, and I’d been driving for…well forever.  It seemed touristy and I was procrastinating.  He just seemed to need pictured so here are the results.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

DSC_0034 (3)  DSC_0030 (3) DSC_0024 (3)DSC_0040 (3)

Montana Rose Photography

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