Touch the Sky

Maybe it is because it is dreamlike or maybe it is because it was different.  Whatever it was, I just loved that big Wyoming sky. SONY DSC

Here in the “Why-o, Why-o, why-o did I ever move to Ohio”, when a cloud covers the sun, it gets dark.  All over dark.  In Wyoming, when one of those big puffy clouds covered the sun….it still shined brightly, only shading the area immediately under that particular cloud.  I know that sounds funny and I’m not quite sure how to describe it other than dreamlike.  It was quite awesome.

Even the storms in Wyoming were different from the Ohio rain.  I know that should go without saying, but this was all new to me.  Up until then, I had been to the South. I had been to the East. I have been in the Midwest, but I had never been to the Mountains.  I had never been further than Missouri.  So, it was different. It was new.  It was just right.

When I finally dragged myself back to the road home that Tuesday, it was storming.  Nothing like driving in the dark, in the stormy rain.  I love the rain. I don’t hate night, but my eye sight kind of sucks when both combine.  I make it work.  What made this trip in the rain worth it…the lightning.

DSC_0826 (2) I’ve always seen these pictures of lightning strikes in areas like this, but it is not something I’ve experienced.  I had heard of lightning that lit up the sky, but that description doesn’t do this experience justice.  The lightning lit up everything.  Seeing those red rocks and mountain tops in the lightning light…it was like something you see in the movies.  Unless of course you live in area that this is typical behavior.  Here it is not.

I didn’t get any pictures of these magnificent lightning shows.  It was super late and I had a very long drive home with only one day to get there before I had to return to work.  That was a long day, let me tell you.  I may only be able to remember the stormy night sky, but I’m glad I have the pictures to see that beautifully blue sky with the big puffy clouds.  That is my sappy post for the day.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

DSC_0833 (2)DSC_0830 (2)SONY DSC
Montana Rose Photography

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