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DSC_0045I’ve used that title before, but I’m using again because today I’m kind of missing it.  There were college boys that lived downstairs from me.  I thought that they would be noisy. Partying and what not, but they really weren’t.  Today, one of them is finally moving out.  The other must have moved out a while ago, but anyway.  The one moving out today is a lot noisier than he probably needs to be.  He and his buddies are throwing things over the balcony instead of carrying them down the stairs.  They’re allowing their door to just slam shut, which of course shakes the whole building.  Then they are loud with laughter and chit-chattiness.  Now, I sound like a bitter old woman with her 30 cats.

I get noise. I get laughing, I do.  I myself have indulged in noise and laughter many of times and moving is not easy.  There is a fair amount of noise involved.  What there is not is the need to let the entire apartment unit know that you are moving and that you are less than thrilled with the one you once shared an apartment with.  I learned that lesson, which is why you choose your roomie carefully.  We all have to live and learn, though.  Like me being reminded, that though I don’t hate the noise…I love the quiet when it is needed most.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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Under the Rain

DSC_0047Or under the weather.  It’s been a bit both around here lately.  Raining outside, headachy and stuffy inside.  The joys of fall weather.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  I love the rain and the other is tolerable and temporary.  Not to mention it is fall. I love fall.  I love October.

October, fall colors, Halloween, consistent horror movies, and The Walking Dead. Yes, I’m happy girl.  What can I say?

I chose this picture, just because.  It seemed fitting as the rain bounces off of the pavement outside.  It has been trying all weekend to decide whether or not it would be moving in or not.  Today it is officially moved in.  That is probably the only reason.  I mean, I don’t actually remember taking the picture. I know that I did.  I must have.  It was a part of my raw files and I can picture where it was taken, but I have so many pictures….they’re all a surprise when I finally get back around to them.  I can’t be alone on that one.

It is a good picture, but I don’t really know exactly how I feel about it. It seemed worth sharing.  I also like remembering that moment.  Standing there under the cloudy sky with the smell of rain mixed with the smell of mountain type nature. Ha, just kidding.  I’m not about to go into that cheesy, touchy-feeling moment.  Truth be told,  as I stated, I don’t remember taking the picture let alone remember what I was feeling or thinking in that moment.  With that, whatever I say about that moment…it’s all going to be that creativity of mine pulling out all the stops.

I’m sure that I probably was taking it all in and enjoying the rain.  It might have smelled like rain.  I’m sure it did.  It probably did.  I’m also sure that the rain heightened the smells of the naturey mountain terrain, but yeah. It would all be assumptions at this point and I hate assuming when I don’t have to.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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Down in the Valley

DSC_0245 (2)-2 For some reason when I started thinking about these pictures, the song “Amazing Grace” started playing in my head.  “I once was lost, but now I’m found.”

It’s funny to me. The things that will pop into my head at random.  This weekend it has been a very religious type theme.  Yesterday’s picture struck the chords of John Anderson’s “Peace in the Valley.”  I’m not sure why.

I’m not going to get all religious, because I do not discuss religion in polite company.  I’m also not what I would call a religious person. At least not to the extent where I would be singing  hymns in my sleep.

I realize that maybe it is not necessarily that deep.  It could simply be a matter of certain words that need to be heard at the moment.  Words we need to hear regardless of what belief system we might hold.  Being lost and found.  Blind but now I see.  Not because of some higher power entity, but because something inside ourselves has been enlightened or reawakened.  I’m going to stop there.  If I continue,  it’s going to be come some deep and a lengthy post.

Deep and lengthy.  Yeah, we do not that.  We already know the moments that I’m referring to.  I really just wanted to post a set of pictures that I don’t hate.

Peaceful and beautiful mountains against a blue sky with white fluffy clouds. Fluffy-fluffy clouds. Admit it.  Just then you thought of that Yoplait commercial.  The one with actor Dominic Purcell and his fluffy-fluffy clouds.  I did and I shutter a bit.  Maybe I’ve seen too many horror movies, but it gives me this “Here’s Johnny” vibe.   Don’t judge.  🙂

I’m off to begin my day. You know…now that I’ve wasted two hours with procrastination.  I hope you have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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DSC_0278 (2)Montana Rose Photography

Little Blue

I took a couple of days off.  I probably lost some followers for that, but I needed to take a step back for a bit.  If you are still with me, so much thank you for that.

I chose to do another throwback Thursday.  I still have so many unseen photos from my camping trips (both of them), but there is plenty of time to post those.  This little guy was on one of my hiking trips a few years back. Patience is a virtue, because I never did manage to scare him off. The results were worth it.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.  288222_372381279494215_509938666_o 288359_372381349494208_1707797146_o 334875_372383229494020_212389014_oMontana Rose Photography


Here is another throwback.  Another one from 2012, shortly after I bought my Sony.  Sometimes that feels like a lifetime ago.  It was a different time.  I often wonder what I could do with this picture today, if I had a the chance to recreate it.  Maybe some day with a different pair of spurs.  Hope you all had a wonderful day.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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Lazy Day

DSC_0015So much to do today and I’m being a little lazy. The zone and I should have been on our way back from camping, but the plans were halted.  I’ll stay off that soapbox.  There were many of reasons as to why it was better this way, but the initial cause is still a teeth grinding irritation.  I digress.  No point in being angry about it.  Just means the next time will be even better.

Fall weather is settling in.  I’m hoping it stays.  I also cannot wait for the colors to completely turn.  Here they’ve already started.  The zone and I went outside and sat the other day.  It wasn’t as cool as it was today. but it was still beautiful.  The ears were not impressed, but of course it also could have been that I was once again taking pictures of her.  She’ll deal.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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Another repeat photo and I know that they are actually called bison, but I don’t really like that.  No, I like buffalo. It just kind of sounds cooler.  Buffalo. It’s kind of fun to say.  Just me?

I will probably always call them buffalo as that is what I’ve always called them and old habits are hard to break.  Besides I really do just like saying…buffalo. They are considered the American Buffalo after all.

I chose to repeat a picture, because….well, why not?  Buffalo, mountains, blue sky, and just simple pureness and joy.  For the moment, it doesn’t get much better.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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Because sometimes we need to remember the places that make us happy. Actually, we always need to remember those, but sometimes more than others.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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