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Sitting By the Water

Can you imagine just sitting out in your chair looking out over this view everyday?  Some can and some can’t.  I am one of the ones that can.  It is a lot easier now that I’ve actually done it, but it is peaceful and serene.  DSC_0477 (2)

This was one of the “scenic” outlooks gracing the main highway through Grand Teton.  It had picnic tables…well, it had a picnic table, but it was also a high traffic area.  On my last day there, I decided that I didn’t care and that I just wanted to enjoy this view.  The zone and I parked the car at an angle.  I sat outside the car in my chair.  Zone sat in the passenger seat and we just enjoyed the view.

Not thinking about the negativity. People’s opinions. My heart was at an ease that it has not been at since.  I’ve been wondering what that means or if it is just confirming what I’ve already known.

The  obvious is that my heart belongs else where.  I’ve made excuses as to why I can’t go.  I’ve had reality has to why I’ve not yet gone.  Still, the little things that make me want to go. The little things that make me want to force things to happen…they’ve been adding up.

Finding out it will be much longer than expected for me to finish my degree.  That I’ve not been trained on other job duties, because the truth is that they do not want to lose me on the ones that I already have.  I’ve never been directly told that before, but my supervisor let that bit slip the other day as we reached an impasse. The there are the other things that have taken a toll on this heart of mine.   When it rains it pours, but we’re not supposed to talk about things like that.

I’m not whining. They are all a part of life.  They’ve just made me a little off kilter and I didn’t really understand why until I was trying to decide what to post about.  That was when I was looking at these pictures and realized it is because I’ve come to an end of a path and now I’m just spinning.  We’ve all been there before, haven’t we?

Now, that I know there’s got to be something more (as I start singing Sugarland and Reba McIntyre in my head), it is time to start the next path.  I don’t know where it leads. Didn’t know how this last one was going to go.  What I do know is that my spontaneous decision led to pictures like this and I really, really can’t wait to see what lies ahead on the next one.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.
DSC_0473 (3)

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By the Water

DSC_0489 (2)Not a lot to say today.  I know I’ve been limited on the word thing. I could make excuses, but I will not.  Right now I’m just trying to get right with my soul and back in sync.  Until then have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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Little Bit of Purple

Always a sucker for an old wooden fence and a beautiful flower.  Wyoming just kept giving and giving and giving.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow. SONY DSC  SONY DSCMontana Rose Photography

Wishes Galore

The child in me still believes in making wishes on dandelions.  The adult me likes to believe that they will still come true.  I don’t know if they do or not and it has been a while since I’ve made one, but it is still fun to have silly little things to believe in.

Now, these were some of the biggest dandelions that I have ever seen.  I know that they are not rare and that more than I have probably seen them this size before, but where I come from….they just do not grow this big.  I know that they are a weed, but I still think they are pretty.  More so after they become this big puff-ball of wishes (or seeds or whatever), but pretty none the less.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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I wasn’t going to post today, but I am trying to be consistent. Or at least as consistent as I can be.  This is just a simple picture with what might be a weekly thank you.  Thank you to all my followers, new and old.  I appreciate your following and I hope you have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

SONY DSCMontana Rose Photography

Baby Elk

What more needs to be said?  I could only get the same two, even though there was a whole mess of them.  Unfortunately, for me I was down to my Sony, it was getting dark, and they were moving quicker than their mamas.  Still, little cuties. I loved watching them hop around.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow. SONY DSC  SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCMontana Rose Photography

Road Less Traveled

SONY DSC “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,…”  The beginning of my all time favorite Robert Frost poem.

I’m sure my reasons for loving this poem are the same as many.  That cliché, “It resonates with me” thing.  It does.  Since the first time I heard it.   What can I say….I’m a sucker for those “hit me in reality” things.

Someone actually printed it off for me a long time ago.  That was actually before she even knew me well enough to know to do something like that.  Well, she mentioned to her (Now ex) husband and he sent it to me via email.  It was a nice gesture even if I don’t remember exactly what provoked this transaction.  I’m also not sure what what that says about me.  That I’m that transparent or that I just seem to be the kind of person that would always search for the road less traveled.  I would like to think that it is the latter.

DSC_0375 (3) It is not that I’m unsatisfied. Okay, well not anymore than anyone else.  There are clearly things that I would like to change, but few of us can say differently.  I’m just an adventurer and I’m constantly looking for that path to follow.  Preferably one that not too many others have taken.  Just in case you haven’t picked up on that yet.

There are those other times when the path I’m on gets a little stale.  That is when this poem starts running through my head.  It is like something, or someone, knows when I need to hear it most.  I bet we all have something like that.  Don’t we?  It could be just me.

Nobody really knows what tomorrow will bring.   I have been put in a lot of situations lately that have made me rethink things.  Take some things into consideration.  We all have those moments.  We also have those moments when it rains, it pours.  That has kind of been me as of lately.  I’m good with that, though.  I’m Wonder Woman and I’ve got this so bring on the rain.

The decisions that I’ve had to make as a result of these situations….well, they’re not always the most desirable.  Still, they are decisions that I’ve had to make to maintain my path. The one that I know is meant for me.  Or so I hope.

There is a final destination for me. One that is equivalent to what I have planned, or is at least an acceptable compromise.  This is something that I know.  Something else that I know, the only way I’m really going to get there…it is by taking that road less traveled.  Here’s to be daring.  Here’s to be spontaneous.  Here’s to living it up while we still have a chance.  I hope each of you do the same in your own way.   Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by,	 And that has made all the difference." ~Robert Frost~

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.” ~Robert Frost~

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