Sooty Grouse

No, I’m not name-calling.  That is kind of what it sounds like, isn’t it?  You, sooty grouse.   I guess that I am actually name-calling.  After all, that is what these little guys are called.   A Sooty Grouse, which apparently is one of the largest of the grouses in North America.  At least according to  So give it up for the Sooty Grouse.

Never heard of a grouse? Me either.  I had to look it up. Do you know how long it took for me to find a picture of them with a name? Okay…so, it wasn’t actually all that long.  Five or so minutes, but it just felt like I should have a more dramatic portrayal of the moment.  So, be sure to go back and re-read that with an exasperated dismay.

Apparently, a grouse is a Galliforme, which are a part of the Phasianidae family.  Did you like all those big words?  Thank you, Wikipedia.  Basically, the grouse is in the same family as chickens, rooster, quails, and what not.  Who knew?  Probably a lot of people.  I didn’t. I’ll admit it.

What I do know….they had no problem standing on the grade of the mountain peak.  That wet, narrow road at the closest tip of Mt. Sutton.  It was raining and that rainy mountain fog was setting in.  Here I am driving back down the mountain and there they are.  Just standing there…in the road. Not blocking me, but if you were coming from the other direction, you were going to have to stop.  They were pretty neat.  Maybe I am more of a bird person that I give myself credit for.  Or….and this is just a guess, maybe it is just that I’m finally seeing birds that I have never seen before.  That is always fun to do.  Anyway,  have a beautiful day and tomorrow.


Montana Rose Photography

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