Sitting By the Water

Can you imagine just sitting out in your chair looking out over this view everyday?  Some can and some can’t.  I am one of the ones that can.  It is a lot easier now that I’ve actually done it, but it is peaceful and serene.  DSC_0477 (2)

This was one of the “scenic” outlooks gracing the main highway through Grand Teton.  It had picnic tables…well, it had a picnic table, but it was also a high traffic area.  On my last day there, I decided that I didn’t care and that I just wanted to enjoy this view.  The zone and I parked the car at an angle.  I sat outside the car in my chair.  Zone sat in the passenger seat and we just enjoyed the view.

Not thinking about the negativity. People’s opinions. My heart was at an ease that it has not been at since.  I’ve been wondering what that means or if it is just confirming what I’ve already known.

The  obvious is that my heart belongs else where.  I’ve made excuses as to why I can’t go.  I’ve had reality has to why I’ve not yet gone.  Still, the little things that make me want to go. The little things that make me want to force things to happen…they’ve been adding up.

Finding out it will be much longer than expected for me to finish my degree.  That I’ve not been trained on other job duties, because the truth is that they do not want to lose me on the ones that I already have.  I’ve never been directly told that before, but my supervisor let that bit slip the other day as we reached an impasse. The there are the other things that have taken a toll on this heart of mine.   When it rains it pours, but we’re not supposed to talk about things like that.

I’m not whining. They are all a part of life.  They’ve just made me a little off kilter and I didn’t really understand why until I was trying to decide what to post about.  That was when I was looking at these pictures and realized it is because I’ve come to an end of a path and now I’m just spinning.  We’ve all been there before, haven’t we?

Now, that I know there’s got to be something more (as I start singing Sugarland and Reba McIntyre in my head), it is time to start the next path.  I don’t know where it leads. Didn’t know how this last one was going to go.  What I do know is that my spontaneous decision led to pictures like this and I really, really can’t wait to see what lies ahead on the next one.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.
DSC_0473 (3)

Montana Rose Photography

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