Baby Elk

What more needs to be said?  I could only get the same two, even though there was a whole mess of them.  Unfortunately, for me I was down to my Sony, it was getting dark, and they were moving quicker than their mamas.  Still, little cuties. I loved watching them hop around.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow. SONY DSC  SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCMontana Rose Photography

7 thoughts on “Baby Elk

    • Actually, in this case it is the camera. My Sony is old and its age is starting to catch up with it and the last two trips out it has had malfunctions, which are at no fault of the photographer, but thank you. It also does horribly in low light, but if you have pointers on how to resolve that, I would love to hear them.


      • There is an old photographer’s saying. “The best camera is the one you have with you.” I don’t know… What camera model is it? What size sensor? What are the malfunctions? (A lot of malfunctions can attributed to garbage signal or an old battery that can’t hold much of a charge and Sony cameras are known battery hogs.)


      • It is a Sony A390. I think the majority of the issue is the age itself and the fact that it was used when I bought it (so not knowing the history of what it went through before I bought it or how long the person had it prior to the sale). There is the rare occasion where it will do decently in low light and others it is not so good. I said horribly, but that really isn’t the right word. I also won’t go as far to say that there isn’t some skill set that I could probably use to change that, but everything that I’ve known to try has been unsuccessful for correcting the issue of unacceptability in low light.

        The main malfunction has been registering the lenses and that doesn’t matter what time of day it is. It shows the lens is connected and lets me view through the lens and all that, but when I go to take the picture…nothing. Before I realized it was the lens, I had changed the SD cards and batteries, but still nothing. That is when I finally tried the lens. I have to detach the lens and reconnect it for the camera to start functioning again.

        The view screen has also started blacking out whether I’m just setting adjustments, viewing pictures or trying to use the tripod to avoid camera shake. I usually end up having to shut it off and turn it back on to get it to work or let me go back to live view.

        I’m not without knowing that it is not often the camera and that a bad shot is usually on me, but I also know my Sony’s performance has been questionable lately. I also feel like I should issue an apology. I feel like I probably could have reworded things better and responded a little better than what I did.


      • There are a couple of issues and now that you described the lcd and the lens mounting problems, I know that they are one. It’s all electrical and software related. Given that your camera is five years old and based on the A350, it is really around seven year old technology, the first thing that you should do is go to and look for firmware updates. They’ll tell you how to it properly. Likely, that will fix the problem. If not, buy a second battery. Even if your current battery shows that it’s charging, Sony technology such as live view and even auto focus and exposure just drains a battery to the point where it will still have energy to do simple tasks, but not all that you asking of it. Even after you add new firmware and maybe a new battery, I’d suggest strongly that you use the view finder and turn off the lcd/live view since that uses so much power. I’ll bet that when the camera is getting ready to have those problems, it’s also focusing a little bit slower too…

        The place to do research is The reviews are helpful and in depth, stretching back many years. People are generally helpful on the forums although they can be a bit nerdy.

        Not to worry. After all these years, I just know it’s always the photographer. When people receive my job bids often ask why so much. When I start naming the pieces of science that I have to know, followed by art, then maybe geography, they just nod…


      • I actually do already have a couple of batteries for the Sony. I also use often. This was just my first DSLR camera before I knew what I know. I will look into the other, though. Thank you for the input.


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