Is it the weekend yet?

Big plans for Friday and I cannot wait until it gets here.  There is a little bit of spontaneous carelessness in my future.  Okay….not really.  It is totally premeditated and not so spontaneous or careless.  Still, it makes me feel better pretending that I’m being spontaneous….that I’m being a rebel.  I guess I can still consider myself a rebel and living on the edge…I mean, there will be plenty of food carts where I’m going and eating at those can always be considered a little risky.  Anyway, I hope you have a beautiful day and tomorrow.
DSC_0026-2Montana Rose Photography

5 thoughts on “Is it the weekend yet?

      • Sorry, just now seeing this. My WordPress account has been acting strange lately. I do eat out, I won’t deny that. I just really don’t do it very often. Maybe once or twice a month and it is usually pizza. That was more of a learned fitness/health thing because I quit eating fast food and so going to the nice “sit down” restaurants is a rare luxury depending on what all is going on that month.


      • No fast food here… I can you the last time that I ever ate at McDonalds… 30 August 2005 after evacuation from Katrina and they were the only place with Internet. Me? I’d rather see food cooked in front of me which is why we do eat street food. WordPress has “improved” a couple of things again. Every time they do that, stuff goes missing.

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