Ollie the Otter

Probably not the most original name, but that could just be me.  It just seems like “Ollie” is the go to name for otters.  Not that I know a lot of otters, but it seems like every time that I’ve heard of an otter named, it has been Ollie.  Anyway,  I did not name him and I’m not saying it is a bad name. It’s probably is the best name for an otter. Anyway.

DSC_0017Ollie was at this wildlife center that I went to on Saturday for a fundraiser.  He was a little cutie. I was never able to get overly close to him.  I was also unable to get a good shot of him that did not have people in it.  I could go on my soapbox about how there were too many people for the space, but I won’t.  I’ll just put it out there, though. Should probably think about narrowing the number down a smidgen.

Anyway, my opinion of wildlife centers aside, there were some cuties and I’ve saved the best post for last so stay tuned.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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