Such a Ham

Silly little chipmunk. At least I hope that it is a chipmunk.  😉  I mean, I haven’t exactly been scoring very high on the “Name That Animal” game.  I kid.  Seriously, though, this little guy had me cracking up.

I was at Old Faithful in Yellowstone….Old Faithful, yeah…we’re not going to discuss Old Faithful right now, but I got a few things to say about Old Faithful. Anyway, as I was waiting for Old Faithful to decide whether or not to erupt, I was walking the path and admiring the wild little creatures.  This guy was hiding under the wooden walkway.

He was running back and forth every time he heard people.  At some point he must have decide that he was safe and he came out and stayed a while.  It was clear that he was no longer paying attention to the people.  I mean after all, there were clearly more important matters on hand.  Like whatever crumbs he found to nibble on.

He was just minding his own and then I had to show up.  I was using my Sony and so it was a little loud.  When he heard my shutter, he totally did that “slow turn” around. I think we’ve all seen that one video.  The one that comes to mind (Because I just looked it up), “Dramatic chipmunk”.  Yep, that was totally this guy.  He was all about that slow, dramatic turn around.  I was cracking up.

The pictures do not really do it justice, but if you watch the position of his eye – you can kind of see it.  The rest of it is up to your imagination.  If anything, he’s really just too freakin’ cute.  Today, I’m off seeing other cuteness (tigers) that I’m sure you will hear all about when I return, but for now you get the “Dramatic Chipmunk” ham.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.







Montana Rose Photography

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