Elk vs. Moose

Because apparently I did not know the difference and feel very foolish for that fact.  Some of what I thought were moose were actually elk.  That would be my city girl upbringing, laziness, and trusting what others tell me.  SONY DSCI really want to be embarrassed and beat myself up for being none of the wiser, but you know elk are so popular where I’ve lived all of my life. I see them all the time.  Same with moose.  **Insert sarcasm here**.  I am embarrassed….very embarrassed,  but it happens.  I’ve never seen them before and now I know.  I could thank everyone for not calling me out on it, but I do so hate being wrong. So, please forgive me for not knowing the difference.

It is really what I get for not doing my own research. I really did just think these beauties were young moose and of course….on the internet everybody knows something and everyone has a different opinion; especially, when you get other city folk that are none the wiser.  I still love my moose (he was a beautiful and big boy) and I do love my elk (now that I know what they look like). I also now know the difference.

This could be a sign that I should not write and I should just post pictures, but I do love to write.  Still.  I guess that I should just accept it.  I’m not too proud to stand up and say that I was wrong. I just hate when my wrongness is out there.  If you could see my face right now…so red.

Anyway, this ELK was an early morning greeter on the Yellowstone side my last morning in Wyoming.  Just standing on the side of the road grazing.  Even if they are not moose…I still think they are beautiful.  Wait until you see the babies, but I might make you wait a bit for those.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

8 thoughts on “Elk vs. Moose

      • Well, before I try to take too much credit of knowing- I only knew because I had to look it up when I realized that my knowledge was failing me.

        Of course that knowledge always fails me when I need it and now I’m like, “Oh, I totally see the resemblance.” I mean, I probably knew this tidbit long ago, but things fade.

        With her being female, I only knew because of her head. That in itself was only a result of deductive reasoning and research. I kind of assumed when I first saw her, because of the ones I had seen the day before with the babies; however, truth be told, if we were having this conversation a week or so ago, I would have thought female or young.


      • It’s hard isn’t it? Since everything on the internet is forever I learned a long time ago to check everything, even when I think I know the subject. Since most of my work is urban, I even check the things people tell me. Life on the street is often very different from the facts.

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