Stand Tall

SONY DSCMore moose….I stand corrected.  This beauty appears to be an Elk.  Oops. That would be because I’ve never seen either in my life until a few weeks ago.  Still gorgeous.  Beautiful animals. Powerful animals.  Like a lot of wildlife, I think. Like a lot of animals really.

Of course, on that note,  I’ve also found myself becoming a bit of a wildlife and environmental activist here of late  Don’t fret, though, I’m not going to jump on any soapbox.  There are plenty of bandwagons out there already.  I’m all about bandwagons, but they get a little crowded (and fake) for my taste. So, I’ll stand on my own box and share at my discretion.

I was also going to go on a tangent about standing tall, because a coworker and I were discussing this very topic.  I often find myself counseling her on such matters as she needs a little reassurance every now and then.  Still, do not fret, I’m not going off on a soapbox.  I think the title says it all.  We have to stand tall, but we all know this (whether we admit it or not).  There is no real point in me reiterating that fact.  I just love how these pictures turned out.  So, more than anything I chose to post these pictures today…because they make me smile.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

SONY DSC SONY DSC  Montana Rose Photography

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