Foggy Morning in Yellowstone

DSC_0395There is nothing like being awakened earlier in the morning by a 65lb baby.  One that has decided you need to make room for her in the one person sleeping bag that is barely keeping you warm.  Poor Zone.  She was not prepared for mountain mornings.  I was prepared for the early morning mountain coolness, but when you pack in a hurry, you tend to leave things behind. Like that extra blanket.  You know because 32 degree mornings are amazing.

That was actually the only good thing about the Zone deciding she needed in the sleeping bag…added warmth.  My new sleeping position, however, was not and my knee paid for it….for like a week.  Still, the Zone is not a fan of camping. she’ll need to get over that.

It had rained a lot the day before so this particular morning, it was foggy. So my attempt to catch the sunrise turned into attempt to see how long it would take for the fog to lift. I decided to do that in  Yellowstone.  I kid.  I had actually discovered the morning before that Yellowstone was the best place to watch the sunrise, but that was a fail on both days. On day one by the time I realized it, the sun was already way up and shining and day two….Fog.  It’s all good.  I took advantage of the opportunity just the same.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.


Montana Rose Photography

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