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Close Proximity

DSC_0531-2 This old log cabin looking thing sits on the same property of that little pink house that I wrote about yesterday.  I’m quite into old log cabins, old…well just about anything really, and I just really loved the way it was just sitting there.  Blue sky, white puffy clouds, and a backdrop of mountains.  A little cliché, but still picture perfect.  So maybe it was that or maybe it is that I dream of owning something like this one day.  Either way, I had some trouble tearing myself away at first.  You know…trying to get that perfect shot.
DSC_0550The funny thing is as I was trying to think of titles for today’s blog, I was totally picturing this as having some gory background.  That is just the horror movie buff in me, though.  I’ve seen a lot of horror movies where this IS that creepy old building.  I highly doubt that this one WAS a shop or horrors or at least in a horror movie kind of way.  Too close to the main house really. Plus, I just really have an over active imagination sometimes.
DSC_0567This little cabin thing could have been any number of things really.  Guest cottage.  Work area.  Taxidermy shop. Servant quarters. Original homestead.  Who knows.  What I do know….It was just as pretty sitting there on that wide open land with the blue sky above and the mountains gracing the background as that little pink house was.   Hope you think so too.
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Little Pink Houses

DSC_0018 (2)-2
Okay….so, it is only one pink house and I don’t know if I would call it little. I mean I guess it is in comparison to a lot of houses.  Just saying little pink house, made me think of that song by John Cougar Mellencamp…John Cougar…John Mellencamp….whatever it is he goes by these days.  Anyway, since I was singing it in my head….”little pink houses for you and me,” it seemed like a good title.

DSC_0020 (2)-2This is an old historical site where I visited. I don’t remember the exact name and I’ll be honest…I’m being a little lazy and it will required an internet search.  The name of the road is on my map, but the not the name of the homestead.  It was good for what it was.  I agree with the gentleman from Chicago, that I spoke to in passing, I don’t see what the big deal is….but apparently it is quite the touristy site.  I don’t know about touristy, but it was a good site for some photography.  I like the little pink house against the blueness of the sky. I hope you do too.

Have a beautiful day.

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Red Rock

DSC_0101 (3)Maybe it is that I’m a red dirt girl or maybe these formations were just pretty.  Pretty is probably not the right word, but I found them quite scenery appealing.  There were so many things to see…at least I’m sure there was.  I was on my way to national park and somehow (it never fails), my GPS had me on a lot of “long road of nothing” roads.  I’m cool with that.  It was just as beautiful.

DSC_0103 (3) DSC_0105 (3)  DSC_0112 (3) DSC_0116 (3) DSC_0120 (3) Montana Rose Photography

Big Ole Bull

Moose that is.  While hiding out in the mountains, I came across wildlife that I had never really given much thought about.  I mean, I knew that they existed, but I guess I never really thought I’d be in a situation where they’d even be an option for seeing.  It is still a little surreal to me to be honest, but more on that later.  Here’s to being spontaneous and the big Ole Bull Moose.

Old Wooden Rocker

Well…I’m not sure how old it is, but this wooden rocker made this scene for me.  Sitting outside of an old General Store.  Quilt draped over it. A growing hot morning that had started out chilly.  Overlooking trees and mountains.  Ample wildlife roaming around. A bull moose down the pathway grazing in the grass.  It is not a scene for everyone, but it is a simpleness that I think a lot of hearts yearn for. Away from the dramatic bull of the everyday world.  No chance of getting sucked into social media sites, because WIFI is a limited signal deep in the heart of the mountains.  Simpleness.  An old wooden rocker just sitting on an old wooden porch.

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Trip Teaser….

Here is just a taste of what this past trip had in store for me.  So many pictures. Not as many as the one before, but between the two it should be like three years before I need fresh material.  That is an exaggeration, but it will be a while. Doesn’t mean that there won’t be, but just the same.  Have a beautiful today and tomorrow.

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