I’ve decided to take a break from wildlife for the day.  I’m not burned out with wildlife.  No, not by any means.  Been kind of wondering if I should just focus on photographing that and landscapes, but I digress.  Today, I was just really in need of a bit of stillness.

I love wildlife, but wildlife moves.  Life moves…constantly. Sometimes, it moves like a freight train. At those times, I just need stillness.  Nothing that moves….unless it by the grace of wind.  Just stillness.  That is why I chose these pictures.

I’ve been trying to master the art of long exposure.  I may not have the skills for that, but I’m trying.  These were an attempt at that.  I think that they pretty much just turned out like good old fashion, regular exposure, but I like them just the same.

When I look at them, they have an eerie kind of stillness.  At least I think.  It was a chilly, foggy morning.  The misty smoke coming up off the water and the way that the sun was reflecting off of it….I love that.  It made me just want to grab a blanket and a steaming hot cup of cocoa in my favorite mug, sit down on the dirty old log, and just disappear for a bit.  I guess that goes without saying, though.  It’s kind of who I am.

Anyway,  I hope you find these pictures as beautiful as I intended (or at least worth looking at) and that you have a beautiful day and tomorrow.
DSC_0377 (2)        DSC_0385 (2)  DSC_0379 (2)DSC_0389 (2)-2Live, laugh, love, and let it ride.

Montana Rose Photography

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