Give me a home

Where the buffalo roam and the dear and the antelope play.  I’m going to credit Gene Autry for getting that song stuck in my head.  There were many that have done it, but I’m sure he is the first person that I heard sing it (even if he was not the first to actually sing it).

I had heard rumors of buffalo blocking traffic in states like Wyoming and Montana, but I’m a “Got to see it to believe it” kind of girl.  I not only got to see it, I got to sit there while they hogged the road.  It was awesome,  I’m not going to lie.  Clearly the Wyomians are used to this as they were impatiently zooming around stopped traffic, just pushing the buffalo out-of-the-way to get them to move.  At least a couple of people were.  Sucks for them.

SONY DSCI mean, I’m sure that this is second nature to them and that they had somewhere they needed to be.  I get that, I really do.  Still, the older I get the more that I realize we really, really just rush around way too much in life.  Even the things that are second nature should sometimes just be enjoyed for the minor inconviences that may be, like having to wait for buffalo to get out of the road (or more frequently in my life, the goose brigade).   Kind of like that Tim McGraw song, “Live Like You were Dying”.

I could go into cliché mode and talk about how short life is, but we know that.  I could talk about how we could be gone at the drop of a dime, but we know that.  How we need to do this and do that, but truth is….we know that.  What we forget….sometimes we really need to just sit back and take watch the buffalo cross the road. I mean, to me, no matter what we have to rush off to…well, unless it is a wife, husband, child, significant other, parent, grandparent,  it is rarely is going to be as important.  At least rarely as important as the things we’re going to wish we had done while we still had the chance.  I mean after all, the things that we tend to rush around for….they’re not really the things we should be worrying about as a priority.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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