The Old Barn

DSC_0079 (2)-2Which has most likely been restored.  I know over time all historical sites will have to commence in some type of restoration, but just the same.

This old barn sits upon the same homestead as the little pink house and old log cabin.  There is actually a bigger barn on the land as well.  That barn is apparently what attracts the tourist, but it was undergoing “restoration” so there were workers all over the place and I was unable to get a good shot that I liked.  At least any good shots that I liked that didn’t have hard hats gracing the scenery.  Not that I have anything against photographing people, but just the same.

This barn actually sits a little further down from the main homestead so it was a bit of walk. Completely worth it.  Like the guy from Chicago said, it was one of the few things worth photographing.  His words not mine, I found all kinds of things worth photographing on this old homestead.  This barn, though, it was probably my favorite.  Hope you like it too.DSC_0101 (2)-2DSC_0091 (4)-2DSC_0081 (2)-2DSC_0172 (2)DSC_0164 (2)

Have a beautiful today and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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