Little Pink Houses

DSC_0018 (2)-2
Okay….so, it is only one pink house and I don’t know if I would call it little. I mean I guess it is in comparison to a lot of houses.  Just saying little pink house, made me think of that song by John Cougar Mellencamp…John Cougar…John Mellencamp….whatever it is he goes by these days.  Anyway, since I was singing it in my head….”little pink houses for you and me,” it seemed like a good title.

DSC_0020 (2)-2This is an old historical site where I visited. I don’t remember the exact name and I’ll be honest…I’m being a little lazy and it will required an internet search.  The name of the road is on my map, but the not the name of the homestead.  It was good for what it was.  I agree with the gentleman from Chicago, that I spoke to in passing, I don’t see what the big deal is….but apparently it is quite the touristy site.  I don’t know about touristy, but it was a good site for some photography.  I like the little pink house against the blueness of the sky. I hope you do too.

Have a beautiful day.

Montana Rose Photography

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