Old Wooden Rocker

Well…I’m not sure how old it is, but this wooden rocker made this scene for me.  Sitting outside of an old General Store.  Quilt draped over it. A growing hot morning that had started out chilly.  Overlooking trees and mountains.  Ample wildlife roaming around. A bull moose down the pathway grazing in the grass.  It is not a scene for everyone, but it is a simpleness that I think a lot of hearts yearn for. Away from the dramatic bull of the everyday world.  No chance of getting sucked into social media sites, because WIFI is a limited signal deep in the heart of the mountains.  Simpleness.  An old wooden rocker just sitting on an old wooden porch.

DSC_0585 (2)  DSC_0591 (2) DSC_0596 (2) DSC_0599 (2)Montana Rose Photography

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