DSC_0672 (2)This is Mr. Sham.  At least I believe his name is Sham.

Assateague allows visitors to bid on naming the horses.  The highest bidder gets to pick the name then the picture of the horse goes in a book with their given name in Visitor’s station for viewing.  I do not make it a habit of going into the visitor’s center for many reasons, but mainly because I always have the dog with me when I visit places like this.  This year I made nice with a stranger who insisted on me going in there and checking it out.  She was nice enough (and she needed a friend), but something about leaving a stranger in my car with my dog….it had me rushing a bit.  With that, I only briefly looked through the book and only remember a couple of the names. Mainly of my favorite trio (well, last year they were a trio, they’ve picked up a couple of girls since then) and this would be the stud of the group.  He is a handsome boy.

This is one the better pictures that I was able to get of him this year.  I just really liked the way the sun was shining down and you could see the sun ray gracing his hair.  I often like it any time you can see the sun rays as long as the picture is right.

I don’t know when I will get that way again.  There are big plans in my future if things work out the way they are supposed to and this may have been my last trip.  I would like to hope not, but sometimes life just has its own plans.  Either way, I’m glad that this year produced amazing shots like this for me to have keepsakes.

Have a beautiful and safe weekend.

Montana Rose Photography

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