No words

SONY DSCI realize that this picture may seem a little soft around his face.  I’m good with that, because for some reason I just cannot bring myself to not like this picture. I don’t know what it is.  This beautiful guy…he just kind of makes it the picture for me.

I use to see him all the time roaming around last year when I went to Assateague for the first time.  He was always by himself.  This year was no different. I did not see him as much, but every time that I did…he was by himself.  I could get all philosophical about that or about the picture being slightly soft around his face.  I mean…I can get philosophical on pretty much anything, but I won’t.  Today, I really just don’t have any words of wisdom.  I’m sure I could muster some up, but really…just no words.

Someone told me once that sometimes no words are a good thing.  It allows the viewer to create their own story.  I agree with that, but I’m also the kind of person that already believes sometimes words are just not really needed.  The picture says what it needs to.  What you see when you look at the picture says what it needs to.  Sometimes no words are needed, because everyone involved already has the words there.

Have a beautiful day.

Montana Rose Photography

4 thoughts on “No words

  1. Lovely photo, and I totally agree with Ray. Besides, what is a technically perfect shot, that still is boring?

    Keep up the happy shooting and enjoy it!

    Warm regards,

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