End of the Boardwalk

DSC_0105 (4)I am seriously a very, very restless soul.  It seems like I’m constantly standing on a boardwalk and wondering what is at the end of it.  I’m always wanting to just pack the car, load up the dog, and hit the road.  Go until I cannot go anymore. Go until I find the one place that finally feels like I belong. Always searching.

I just never really seem to find the end of the boardwalk.  There is always something. Always a reason why I have to stop. Always a reason why I cannot keep going.  A reason why I have to wait.  If I could make a living off of adventuring, I’d be gone.  I think a lot of people would be.

It is funny how life turns out.  How there always seems to be that rut. That pit stop that seems to last forever. I’m no fool. I  know these things happen for a reason. Everything always happens for a reason. That is if you believe in that kind of thing.  I do. More than I like to admit most of the time, but  I do.

This was a pit stop.  Living in this city. It wasn’t supposed to last as long as it has, but I am glad it has.  I’m definitely a stronger and better person than I was seven years ago.  I’ve gotten to explore and experience things I would not have had the chance otherwise.  Meet people who I probably never would have met (I mean besides the “friends” and “associates” I’ve met here).   I’ve learned what I’m no longer willing to tolerate. Who I really am or at least who I think I am.  Things that I would have figured out eventually, but things that I figured out a lot quicker from being at this pit stop.

Despite the fact that I get the point, I’m constantly staring at the end of the boardwalk and wondering where it goes. Anxiously waiting for my chance to finally meet the end.  I know I’m not alone, others may just not be as long.

Montana Rose Photography

3 thoughts on “End of the Boardwalk

  1. Wow! There are things you can do to keep moving. For instance, try teaching English as a second language in some Asian country. The pay is livable, but if you want growth, well… heh, heh, heh. or, you could try being a location shooter…

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