Too Much Beauty Left

DSC_0044-3Oh, the things people post on Facebook.  I really need to break away from that site, but I get so bored.  Still, the things that people post.  Lately, post after post after post in regards to a certain flag that shall remain nameless.  People threatening to delete other people if they support it and vice versa.   I mean honestly.  Is this really what we’ve come to?

I’m all about standing for what you believe in.  We are no one if we do not have something that we stand for and are willing to do so.  Some of views might be ignorant, some people might need a history lesson, some might need an educational lesson in modern times, but that is neither here nor there nor mine to really state.  It is not my place to judge.

Debates include bits and pieces of history lessons, which is fine.  Still, are history lessons really without bias?  There will never be a fairness or an end to this debate.  It is something that will haunt us for eternity, because we are so eager to stand for something and so eager to feel like we need to choose a side.  The problem with choosing sides, people only hear what they want to hear. We only take away from things, what we want to take away from them. We cannot always communicate our thoughts in a way that is not defensive.  More importantly…there are two sides to everything and the only side that matters depends on what side of the fence you stand on.  Very few of us teeter from the fence itself to see what both sides have to offer.  Even the most educated and logical arguments are dismissed and demeaned and controversial, because it may go against the grain.

My opinion is, I know what I stand for. I know what I believe in. The only person that I have to prove this to is myself.  When we choose to jump on bandwagons, we end up defending ourselves and our beliefs.  Who has time for that?  Too many people go about it the wrong way and all that is accomplished is greater lines are drawn.  There is no justice.  There is no solutions.  There is just chaos and division.

Is there an easy resolution for all of this? No.  Still for me….there is way too much beautiful left in this world to continue to indulge and concern myself with malarkey.  I don’t have time for that.

Have a beautiful day.

Montana Rose Photography

5 thoughts on “Too Much Beauty Left

  1. Hi. You know, you can’t be bored and not have time. 🙂 It’s sort of impossible. That said, I agree with you about Facebook. It was even worse because for me, I belong to a group called “Ain’t Der No Mo’,” which is a group that supposedly talks about all the things that have passed into history in New Orleans. It turned seriously political and nasty for the past couple of days. I got rid of them. So… you need new friends on FB. Friend me. I’ll friend you back. I only post about pictures. And, a story about being bored… years ago, I played a lot of computer games. One day it struck me that playing them was giant time sink because I gained nothing. Instead I filled me time by learning Photoshop. Now I’m trying to learn about ways to monetize Storyteller. I supposed I’ll never be bored. 🙂

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    • I will definitely have to do that, Mr. Ray. I tend to post what is on my mind short of political issues. I cannot say that I’ve never indulged, but I do try to stick to the “Never speak of politics in polite company” So just so you are forewarned. I wish it was as easy to drop my “group”. I will just no longer follow them, because unfortunately the repeat offender is actually family.


      • I think there’s a difference between a few replies with family — the people that you can’t choose 🙂 — and a 300 post thread where just about everybody is attacking the mayor for his wanting to take down the Robert E. Lee statue on Lee Circle. I’ve driven by that statue so many times that I don’t care… but if he’s going to do that, he ought put a statue of a fat man banging on piano and rename it Fats Domino Circle. Music matters more to this house.

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  2. An interesting and thoughtful post. I understand what you mean about people craving to be right, or needing to put down others with differing ideas and opinions. I like getting older, and maybe a little wiser. The best thing about aging? You really learn that you can’t be right about everything, mostly it doesn’t matter as much as some people would have you believe, and life is shorter than you imagine! Have a great weekend!

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