Little Things and timing


I’ve actually posted this picture before in another post, but it was included with several others in that series.  Today, this photo kind of took on a different type of value for me.

I took this photo at Gettysburg National Military Park during my road trip. It was my first stop and it had been a rainy and cloudy morning.  I got some good shots, but they are limited in the ones that I feel may be worthy of sharing.  A couple of my cannon shots were my favorite and so I decided to share a couple with the Gettysburg page on Facebook.

I didn’t want to be just a picture post as they have a featured photos of the week series.  In order to be a part of this series,  you have to submit your photo submissions via their website page.  Someone then reviews them and each week, a number of photos are chosen to share on their page.  This was one of the ones that I submitted.

I’ve been having one of those “when it rains, it pours” kind of months so I was feeling a little defeated by day’s end yesterday.  Being bored, I was messing around on Facebook.  I had forgotten exactly when I submitted my photos, but it donned on me that I had not seen a post from Gettysburg.  I made my way over their page and saw their “Great Photos of the Week” post.

They had chosen seven photos to be their “Great Photos of the Week” series for June 22….this girl made the cut.  It was small and I’m sure that a lot of photos get chosen overtime or there were not that many entrants, but it made me happy to see my photo featured.

It is always the little things when timing most calls for it.  I try hard to remember that, but sometimes it is difficult.  It was nice to get this reminder.

Have a beautiful day.

Montana Rose Photography

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