Kickin’ Up Sand

DSC_0161 (5)It’s a little stormy here today and I was feeling a little restless.  Not that I do not love the rain, but some days I feel a little too old to get out and play in it.  Anyway, when I feel restless, I start trying to think of ways to stir up dust.  Ways that are financially feasible for the moment at hand.  I’ve still yet to figure out how to do that for this bout of restlessness, but it made me think of this picture.

I absolutely love this horse and she always gives me amazing photo ops.  Watching her walk down the side of the sand dune was just perfect timing.  I didn’t put a lot of thought into this shot, but I love how I caught the sand flying up as she lifted her hoof.  Those shots always make me happy, because I like to believe that it takes a little bit of skill to get those right.  Of course…I’d probably have to go with that it was more on the side of luck, but just the same.

Everyone have a beautiful day.

Montana Rose Photography

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