SONY DSCThis may not be the picture that I thought that it was, but I’m going to leave it.

It has been a week.  Between system issues at work, realizing how ignorant some people can be….that is a rant and a soapbox for another day.  Still, a phrase pops into mind.  One time during a conversation about something else, a friend told me one of his favorite quotes,  “Not everything that rolls through your mind, needs to roll off your tongue”.  I really wish more people would hold this true.  I’m not always great about it, but some people are down right horrible at it.

Anyway, instead of harping on self-righteous ignorance, I’m just going to do what I do best.  Focus on the beauty.  Focus on all that in which makes my heart at peace.  Two horses standing on the side of the road, minding their own business.  Now provided, this is not an everyday occurrence unless you are somewhere the wild horses run free….still, knowing that there is still good and innocence. Knowing that there is still peace and a place that I truly can be myself….that is what keeps me complete.  That sounds strange, I know.

We should be able to truly be ourselves no matter where we are.  We should always feel complete, but most of us rarely feel 100%.  Still, neither of these should really be an issue, but I’ve learned since moving to this state that I wish I had not…I have to fight a little harder to do that.   People always seem to want to test us.  Or it is the powers that be. Either way…it has been a challenge.  Soapbox, soapbox, soapbox, my apologies.  My point is, between all that I doubt. My skills, my place, myself….it is nice to have a reminder that I’ve got this.

Montana Rose Photography

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