Keeping It Simple

DSC_0543 (2)

I wasn’t sure what my intent was when I started this post.  Do I post just pictures?  Do I write a little something to go with it?  I was unsure.

It has been a very taxing week.  I had what was supposed to be a fairly simple shoot turn into a very high level learning experience.  I will just leave it at that, because we know that for the most part I try to stay off of soap boxes.  Anyway, that along with some other “need to think about” events has made this a ridiculous week that I’m glad is over.

I don’t do complicated.  I don’t do things that do not make sense.  I don’t do frustrating.  I can handle the situations, but as a rule I do not have room for them in my life.  I like to keep it simple, because life is too short (Cliché, I know, but for real) for chaotic nonsense that really is just unnecessary.

As I’ve thought about this week….naturally, I’ve referred back to my vacation.  The morning walks on the beach.  Walking the boardwalk up to the beach.  Just looking at the sun and feeling nothing but peace.  I hate that I feel that way, because it is so very “everybody”.  Still….it is just a simple way of life even if it is short-lived.  The real word of course is not like that.

I could harp on the “poor pitiful me”, but that isn’t really who I like to be.  I will just look at the things that bring me peace. Buy myself a new pair of boots, the other 15 pairs are lonely and I don’t really like odd numbers, and do what I do best.  Keep it simple, because that is what keeps my life balanced.

DSC_0544 (2)Montana Rose Photography

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