I could have posted another title, but the truth is “Dreamer” sums it up.  I’m a dreamer and as a dreamer, I love the moon and the sun and the stars.  Sunrise, sunset, and starry nights with the moon shining are my favorite times.
DSC_0450 (3)Now, I remember reading once about someone’s opinion on photographing sunsets and sunrises.  I get it.  Everyone (almost) does it and it is played out and cliché.  Honestly, who cares?

People photograph what is beautiful to them.  They shoot what means something to them.  What captures them or what not. There is always a reason (even if we don’t know what it is) as to why people photograph what they do.  Own it. It’s your photograph. You shoot what you wanna shoot.  So what if someone else does it?  No sunset, no sunrise is ever the same.  No picture is ever the same. Literally and metaphorically.

We each have our own perception and we all see the sunsets and sunrises of the world differently.  No one photographs it the same way, because no one sees it the same way. Period.

With that…I always try to photograph one or the other.  That is a task that is much easier when I’m on vacation, but just the same.  The sun never sets and never rises in the same way.  So there is always an amazing shot to be had.

I am always up with the sun while camping, but this trip around…I stayed up a little later than usual.  I don’t know what it was, but I couldn’t seem to tear myself away from that sky.  Possibly, because the one in the city just isn’t as pretty to look at when you’re not a city person.  It is so much more starry outside of city limits.

That night sky…on that island…it allowed me to dream.  I had been losing touch with that as of late, but there I was staring up that sky and getting lost.  I was able to ride off into the sunset and hang on the moon.  I mapped out my path in the stars and danced in the night.  I dreamed of that wild child deep inside.

DSC_0401 (3) She often gets lost with the daily woes of adult life.  It is hard to grasp on to her and pull her out of the water some times, but with the sunset…a door opens.  The stress of the day just kind of disappears into the horizon with the sun.  Colors and clouds create a picture that without thinking, I just get lost in….in a good way.

DSC_0405 (3)Everything weighing me down just disappears more and more with the sun.  Then the night takes over. I’m allowed to start over with a new day on the horizon.  It is a beautiful and cliché thing, but to me…it is always a reminder that despite what my relationship might be with the mighty one above….I’m still allowed another day to experience a beauty and peace that never strikes in the same way twice.

DSC_0419 (3)Not to mention…I’m then free to dance with the moon and dream a little bit more.

DSC_0448 (3)Montana Rose Photography

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