Break out the Cannons

Yesterday, I was feeling a little frustrated with my photography.  Not because of the blogging world (for those that had the privilege of reading that one), but because of the downside of trying to be a “paid” photographer.  Outside of my “Blog” post the other day, I try to stay off soap boxes so I’ll digress.  Anyway, then I remembered something…I”m good at what I do.  So, naysayers….stick that in your cannon.
DSC_0221 (3)Seriously, though.  I mean we all have our days where we take some amazing shots and we all have those days where we take not so amazing shots. Some times, those days are all in one.
DSC_0209 (3)When I was thinking about my blog posts for this week, I keep coming back to the cannons.  I love the old cannons.  Envisions the Civil War boys on both sides standing behind them and waiting for their commands.  Then setting off the cannon and bending down and away from it while covering their ears.  Rushing around to load and do it again.  Their dirty and tired faces, tattered uniforms. Smoking and smut engulfing their air as guns an other cannons go off around and towards them.  Anyway, I had so many favorite things about visiting battlefields while I was on my trip, but these were some of my best shots.

I couldn’t decide when to post these (and this is only a few of them), but as I needed to be reminded that I am a rock star….today was the day.  So, there’s that cannon for the day.
DSC_0670  DSC_0726    DSC_0551
Montana Rose Photography

5 thoughts on “Break out the Cannons

  1. Oh, Montana… You mean cannons. Big guns, not cameras. I just hate bringing this kind of stuff up… to make it up to you, I gave you more work. 🙂 See my message on about you. BTW, I make more pictures than good ones. Probbably around a ratio of 95% bad to 5 % good.


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