The Stalker

I probably should have phrased that title differently, but that is kind of the truth. While on vacation, my dog had a stalker….in the form of a beautiful paint.

SONY DSCHer and I were walking, just minding our own business, when all of a sudden it felt as though we were being followed.  I assumed we were in someone’s way, but when I turned around there was the pony patrol standing between myself, my dog, and this beautiful paint.

I thought the pony patrol guy was making room for the pony to go through, because apparently it is their job to keep people and ponies separated.  I tried to find somewhere to go but my options were limited.  When I turned back around, the pony had crossed the road and the pony patrol guy said, “He just kept staring at your dog trying to figure out if it was another horse or not.”  She is the size of a mini horse, but then it was her turn to stalk.  She was up on the fence looking for this new-found friend, she never had the chance to meet.  Silly animals.

SONY DSC  SONY DSC  SONY DSCSONY DSC She ran back and forth a couple of times looking at us.  She couldn’t figure out if she wanted to continue following us or not.  SONY DSC

Montana Rose Photography

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