The use of auto focus is something that is probably forever going to be debated.  Some swear by it and some swear against it.  Me….I’m undecided.  Now, I’m not saying that I’m not a fan of manual focus. I use it as much as I can. The problem with manual focus is that I cannot always see well enough to get the shot right and I need a little help.  There are also times where I’m in a considerable amount of hurry and I need it done without having to fidget with it.  That may be something I need to work on, because auto focus is forever letting me down….or not.   It’s really a coin toss sometimes.
SONY DSCMontana Rose Photography

2 thoughts on “Auto-no-focus

  1. This is a beautiful shot – the lighting is superb. Despite having a DSLR I nearly always shoot in manual (I would rather trust my eyes over a microchip – and for 40 years I shot with a basic SLR with no autofocus). But then again I nearly always shoot landscapes so I have time to manually focus – I wouldn’t like to do it with a moving object. Your photos are superb 🙂

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